Bring your designs into the third dimension with the
Balco 3D Printer

With the affordable and reliable Balco 3D Printer you can now print your own toys, jewellery, crafts, replacement parts, figurines etc.  The heated bed, strong steel construction and durable components ensure your prints are consistent, every time.  Built for ease of use and reliability, you will be up and printing your own models in no time, after some minor assembly.  If you need any help along the way visit the Balco website for easy to follow, step by step video guides, tutorials and ideas on what to print.

Print directly from MicroSD Cards

Heated Print Bed helps to prevent slipping

Sturdy construction

Large print area (200 x 200 x 180mm)

3-point bearing system for smoother prints

Works with common 3D model files

Limited only by your imagination.

Large prints, incredible detail.


Click below to see images of the Balco 3D Printer and what it’s capable of

Demonstration Videos

Unboxing and Setting Up

Inserting and Removing Filament

More videos are available on our YouTube Channel

Accessories for your Balco 3D Printer

Select below to see a list of accessories available.

PLA Filament

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ABS Filament

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Specialty Filament

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Other Accessories

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